The connector industry faces grim challenge

Connector for small and medium enterprises are facing the " three shortage two high" dilemma: the shortage of money, shortage of people, electricity shortage, high cost, high taxes. In fact, not only that, along with the continued appreciation of RMB and the recent U.S. debt crisis, small and medium-sized enterprise situation is one disaster after another.


The connector industry belongs to the typical labor-intensive industries, subject to a high degree of manpower and cost constraints. Domestic small and medium enterprises there are a lot of large-scale well-known connector, connector enterprise can be counted on one's fingers. Thus in this has not formed the " closures", the domestic small and medium sized enterprises worrying situation connector.


" Now everything is rising, labor costs have gone up, raw material rises, but price cannot match up, otherwise there is no competition, especially for us labor-intensive enterprises". Under many unfavorable factors of distress, the domestic small and medium sized enterprise's survival condition can be seen in general connector.


Domestic small and medium-sized connector is now trapped, perhaps inevitably toward bankruptcy. But from another perspective, this will be a rare moment of connector industry reshuffle.