Elinker Electric

Specializing in custom and standard terminal blocks for nearly 15 years
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Over 10 Years of Experience
Shanghai Elinker Electric Co. Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of custom and standard terminal blocks. Founded in 2000, we offer nearly 15 years of proven performance in producing superior quality items. We incorporate the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies. Our products have been designed and prototyped for sales using the most advanced testing techniques and methods. 
Meeting UL, CE and RoHS Standards
For your assurance, we are certified to ISO 9001:2008 and our products are compliant with UL, CE and RoHS standards.
Providing OEM Services Worldwide
For nearly 15 years, we have invested the most modern manufacturing technology and equipment, and as a result, we have consistently provided large OEM clients globally with the most cost-effective alternatives.
Work with Us Today
Customer satisfaction, design engineering, quality and timely delivery are the four key areas we are focusing on to ensure high-quality terminal blocks and total customer satisfaction. Our partner companies rely upon us to create superior quality and budget-conscious solutions for complex challenges.
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