Connector Market analysis

Connector industry is a mature industry. In 2010 the global connector market scale is $45300000000, which are 28.4% more than in 2009. The main market is in the automotive, computer, telecommunications, industrial, consumer electronics, aerospace and military fields.

Automotive connector is the largest market, accounting for about 21.4%. The average car needs about $102 of connector. Automotive connectors are usually sold to harness car manufacturers, the manufacturers sales to vehicle manufacturers automotive wiring harness. But the large-scale manufacturers usually have the ability to manufacture automotive wiring harness connector. Therefore, automotive wiring harness manufacturers are generally connector manufacturers, such as Yazaki, Sumitomo Electric, Delphi are automotive wiring harness before 1, 2, 3. Automotive connector accounts for the highest manufacturer Tyco Electronics, FCI, South Korea KET.