Connector price is expected to become better next year

At present connector market demand prospect is not so sure. This uncertainty is mainly derived from the global market uncertainties, the current market situation changes very fast. Although faced with this uncertainty, we still see TE in new product technology and the rapid growth of the market there are many opportunities. From the Chinese market, the first half of 2012 our focus is still we have the product advantages and characteristics of the traditional market, such as data communication, industrial, automotive, consumer electronics and home appliances market. In these markets, we found a very suitable for TE function of product and technology trends are formed, we are to provide intelligent solutions.

In fourth quarter 2011 connector electronics show the overall market demand is fatigued and weak. Now we see supply chain tightening, however, inventory level is still maintained in medium. Of course, we expect the 2012 market demand will turn. TE is working with channel partners in close cooperation to establish strategy of inventory, to 2012, business activities accelerated growth to better serve customers and meet their needs.

With the raw material and labor costs rise, connector products prices are soaring, even as we see the cost of raw material have sharp decline, I believe the near future we may not see the connector cost will drop, because the connector industry for many raw materials are based on long-term supply contracts. Therefore, the connector at least in the short term price pressure is likely to keep rising, but in the end of 2012 the price pressures may tend to slow.

About the delivery, because the TE connector types is very rich, manufacturing plants more than 100, so the delivery time to 1 digits of the sense is not great. However, I want to say is, product delivery time of continuous improvement is the general trend, because our global factories especially the Chinese factories are increasing in productivity.

It is particularly worth mentioning is the renewable energy market. Renewable energy is now a very mature market, with many manufacturers and suppliers involved, the market will gradually become the focus of future development of TE, because we think long term demand is very strong, although recently because of the global economic situation is not good but somewhat fatigued and weak. Overall, the future TE development focus to the urgent need to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of customers new products.