The importance of appearance factors of the terminal blocks

The important factor to select the terminal blocks are the appearance factors. Although the name "power supply terminal" sounds not pretty, but many companies consider that,it plays an important role in the appearance of the product to users and affinity Stress. Power supply terminal must be convenient for field installation, because they are often installed in easy to see the front panel products. Thus, marketing executives often wish to power supply terminals product appearance has something to say. But often encounter this situation: the engineer to design products in line with all the mechanical and electrical parameters, but due to not meet the sales demand and have to change. If this occurs in the design cycle of the last (often marketing departments for the first time to see the prototype time ), so a heated debate would be difficult to avoid, and may lead to rising costs and delay in delivery. In many industrial control systems, terminals are often technical personnel needs special attention for several part. Despite its user interface is relatively simple (mainly screws ), but for the normal operation of equipment is very important.

In general, as the current increases, the wire becomes thicker, and these will be coarse wire fastening in the terminal torque required also need to increase. Therefore, the power terminals need more and more rigid in the insulating casing screw. Sometimes use small screw to save space. In a very compact terminal products so often. Some wire diameter up to 1 / 4 inch above, so in the choice of wiring terminals are important factors in these small screw is difficult to deal with.